The two courses from Sports Coach UK that we are running on the morning of Sunday 19th February are under threat due to lack of numbers. WE NEED 2 MORE TO BOOK ON TO 'Positve Behaviour Management in Sport' and 4 MORE TO BOOK ON TO ' Safeguarding and Protecting Children 2:Reflecting on Practice'.(Candidates musthave completed the first course) CONTACT  to put your name forward

This page will keep you up to date with the plans for the Coaching Conference at Bournemouth University to be held on 18th and 19th February 2012.
The Conference is open to all, however concessionary rates are available for Team Dorset coaches - those coaching for Dorchester AC, Poole AC, Weymouth St. Paul's Harriers and AC, Wimborne AC..
Costs are based on the length of the workshops as well as to cover resources which will be distributed to candidates. ALL Team Dorset coaches will recieve an additional 25% discount.


SAFEGUARDING AND PROTECTING CHILDREN 2 :Reflecting on Practice.  (£12)
In this refresher session, you will consolidate andupdate everything you learned in the first workshop. You’ll have the opportunity to share best practice and learn from each other’s experiences to help you create a positive, child-centred sporting environment.

(This workshop is a Minimum Standard for Deployment requirement for many governing bodies of sport. The Minimum Standards for Deployment are seen as the basic standard every coach needs to meet to carry out their role safely and effectively. Attend this session within three years of completing “Safeguarding and Protecting Children” and you’ll satisfy the basic safeguarding children awareness training requirements of the UKCC and Clubmark. Only those who have attended the first “Safeguarding and Protecting Children” workshop will be eligible to go on this workshop.)
Every group develops different dynamics and every participant is a unique individual - making managing behaviour a challenging hands-on part of your job. This Sports Coach UK workshop will allow you to gain a much better handle on young people’s behaviour: discover how your behaviour impacts upon others; learn how to create a positive coaching environment and understand and apply strategies to deal with challenging behaviour

Amanda Wilding is currently Programme Leader for the Applied Sports Management Undergraduate Degree at Bournemouth University
and is undertaking her PhD titled, the diffusion and adoption of sport psychology by track and field coaches. In this session Amanda will introduce us to the topic and how it can help our coaching.

For those of you whose First Aid qualification is up to date, but you feel you need to refresh your knowledge - there is an opportunity to discuss specifc common athlete injuries.

WORKING WITH ATHLETES WITH LEARNING DIFFICULTIES (forms part of the Coaches Forum which also look sat team building within Team Dorset) (£12)
Glyn has worked as an Athletics Coach for almost 20 years and been involved in sports opportunities for youngsters with disabilities since 1998. Originally working with the Cranborne Lodge residents for 3 years, this led to an ongoing involvement in the annual Sporting Chance festival, which offers opportunities for disabled people to get a taste of a variety of sports. In 2003, initially with the award of a lottery grant, he helped to set up a “self help” group for youngsters with Down’s syndrome, which he continues to run on a monthly basis.               

This workshop is presented by two experienced professionals - Shelley Broomfield and Andrew Callaway. Shelley 's primary research interest is with the development and use of equipment within sport. This work uses a biomechanical technique analysis approach, combining anthropometry and ergonomics with performance in the sporting domain and Andrew's primary research interest is the use of
technology in all levels of sport to allow more data to be gathered by coaches to enhance performance.              

Val Brandon, Level 4 endurance coach, will discuss the requirements of marathon runners, what training you should be doing and why. There will be the opportunity for a question and answer session.)

Much is discussed about the running technique adopted by sprinters, well now is a chance for cross country and road runners as well as other endurance atletes, to find out how to improve their running technique. There will be a practical element taking place on the 3G pitch, so please come prepared.